Hidden Treasures.

Most times, people find it hard to connect with the spiritual realm but depend on human capacity. They neglect the fact that they were born with treasures hidden within them. The projection of our aspirations, thoughts, capabilities, dreams, visions, and abilities if triumph is to be made should be centered on God.

Every step we take in life should be acknowledged by God’s directions and his will, God’s power in us help overcome fears, trials, obstacles, and situations, thereby giving us an edge to unleash our potentials of treasures to attain greatness and success in life. It is only God that can make the impossible change into a positive outcome. Our life choices should be focused on God’s own thoughts because it is the best approach for a better understanding about life’s pursuit for success, happiness and wealth. Life’s treasures should glitter like diamonds and like the shooting stars.

A positive mind is a goldmine of possibilities, abilities and potentials within us waiting to unfold and be discovered. It takes meditating on God’s thoughts to discover our hidden treasures and make them functional in life’s reality.


How to make the right choice depends on Beliefs.

Life could be a happy one depending on making the right choice, but not making the wrong choice that disappoints you. It is the beauty of the mind with a positive mind that conquers the wrong choices to unfold. Most times, people’s opinions will lead you astray in making wrong and bad choices, later result in bad decision making.

It will be better to follow your innermost feelings and positive reasoning, making it a great drive for right decision making and doing the right thing. Everyday is a lesson for us to grow and develop the right choice of attitude and right choices to a balanced and healthy life. our directions in life should be centered on God’s love and a heartfelt kindness. The sincerity of heart, a beauty of love for life’s directions will bring about a meaningful life of success.

In life’s choices, don’t let struggles and pains lead you into making the wrong choice, thereby making us live a life of no direction and purpose, however, it is a limiting factor that keeps the body and soul away from realizing dreams and aspirations of a happy and beautiful life. God’s love should motivate one’s thoughts into the realm of positivity and also nurture one’s mode of actions.

The thoughts of God should be a reflection on how we live, breath, and take action because believing in God gives you confidence in making the right choices, thereby overcoming life’s pain and toughest battles.

Our decisions in life could either trigger a shift or limit our potential from evolving out of our thoughts, of which most times it takes positive reasoning to overcome the negative and focus on the positive feeling in making the right decisions.

Life’s choices can arise from different life experiences and also through its attle. most times, society and the environment play a new play a better right to choose the right direction for your great lifestyle.

Life’s Sweetness Of Love.

Life is the sweetness of the heart

with sweet melodies and good vibes within

sweeter emotions is a beautiful rythm of feelings

keep a perfect pitch of beautiful heart beats

everywhere is a beautiful love weather

just a pleasant heart with tenderness and kindness

whisper of voices with calm warmness

because a loving heart is fearless

it is full and filled with a breeze of gentleness

let love be a symbol of a shining brightness

living a sweet and perfect life’s calm

Don’t let pain lock your success.

Don’t let pain lock you up

Just encourage yourself to make up

Being courageous, makes you pull up

Because boldness will rise up

Connect with your passion to level up

Forget about the mess up

Most times there’s a second chance to measure up

With an opportunity to buckle up

Finally your success will push.

Life is not a game of chances

because it is a pool of choices

Just follow your heart beat

Makes you overcome the heat

Saying goodbye to defeat

With the power to stand against treat



Today is a beautiful day of glory
with a great and lovely story
feeling happy every hour
No time for me to worry
cos there was no load to carry
like the heaviness of a lorry

thought of my homie Jerry
who stays with his friend perry

it was a perfect day to merry

It’s a Monday morning, phone ringing
my body and spirit are roaming
just sleeping away from timing
In the deepest of my dreams floating
everything around me was just a feeling

lost in a world of dreaming
hearing strange voices calling

I had gone too far for hearing
Suddenly everywhere is smoking
my whole my body is sweating
grasping for breath but ain’t breathing

woke up on time and I was only dreaming

Love is like precious gold
but inner feelings is more precious
because from the abundant of the heart the mouth speaks
love without feelings has no value
but feelings of the heart is worth a treasure’s touch
Let the depths of the heart be a love fountain
with beautiful thoughts to move the mountain
for the glory of a solid foundation

To behold a new season of rain.
lasting relief from past pain.
Nwofor Oghenekome


let me breathe in a state of pain

letting out his fears from within him

grasping out for breathe but held bound

held down by a cop with no resistance to breathe

praying out to his mother for saving grace

his crying out was to the deaf hears of a cop

leaving him in a state of no air to breathe

staying strong to survive in the midst of pain

sentenced him to death with no fair trial and justice

took his breathe away in the twinkle of an eye

another black brother killed by police brutality.

Nwofor Oghenekome. Dedicated to Legend and a black brother.(George. Floyd).


Life process of both the bad times and good times, but the bad times always makes you think outside the box, a big motivation and will to stand up and never quite in the pursuit for happiness and success. On the journey of life, everyone has different gifts and dream towards meeting with destiny of success, at times setbacks and failures arise but don’t be quick to neglect your dreams, just rise up with a power of belief in yourself that I will make it and be a success in life.

Behind every passionate success from within you, there is a time to cry, a time of pain, a time trial and hardship, a time of distress and lonielness, but in the midst of this storm there is a lesson you have during this striving period, It is just a training platform towards building a abilities and capabilities to equip your passion and determination towards your dreams and making it come alive into life’s reality. The pain you face now is a stepping stone for your future success.

It takes a bold step of courage and passion to eliminate all past pain and delete it, but not withstanding look at them as a motivational teacher that brings the best of thoughts for your success. Never guide your heart with pain, but let it be filled with sweet feelings of positivity and a good state of a beautiful mind.Courage and determination is bedrock that uplifts from pain to sweetness of success.

Limitations are just opportunities for you to start a new journey, it takes you on an adventure of self-discovery of your passion and dream, just shifting your mind to varieties of thoughts that will pull out the storm and increase your passion and confidence to soar high like an eagle for a driving success. Our limitations should be friend for learning new strategies and abilities for us to overcome storms of life, dust away the pain, but arise and shine with a glory of success.


Life’s journey all starts with a step, but the beauty start with a beautiful process from as little as baby crawling steps into much bigger walking steps, also being feed as a baby with a gradual step by step tutoring before mastering it as you grow older in age and physical development of the body is such a beautiful thing. Life’s beauty from the gift of birth and the growth development process of a child is an awesome thing in Life’s journey in this beautiful world.

Life’s beauty is a story of adventures of realities as an innocent baby evolving into a matured man, every story is a beautiful one even though you went through pain and struggles but there is always a beauty in it. Everything about life is beautiful, nature’s sweet beauty is awesome and amazing from the shores of the ocean to the skies and clouds ,down to every animals and human.

Life is a metaphor of the beautiful nature around us that influence people’s daily activities and life, beauty is all around us and we feel the presence of it each day from the sweetness of nature. Nature’s resource helps to beautify our thoughts and living a well and balance life style. Life is a beauty on its own, because it has a great worth of value and a higher quality than precious stones.

it is a valuable journey that chases after the sweetness of nature’s treasures and beauty, Even though circumstances arise with trials and struggles, but a beauty of the innermost feeling guides us known as the heart. Life’s journey and story has bad beginning and a very awesome and beautiful end.


emotions and thoughts keep you strong
but positive emotions are stronger and bette
because it is the powerhouse of the mind
never limit the power of our mindset

emotions are a very valuable asset
it generates and controls how we live
therefore always hold to the positive vibes
because it is the best option for a perfect life

so leverage on your deepest emotion for greatness
impacting on other lives is a value
so that you can be an advocate for the value
champions are passionate about emotions
driving towards bringing out a champion’s spirit

never relent on tackling emotions with positivity